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An In-Depth Comparison of G Suite vs Office 365 (2019)

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

When you think about G suite, you think simplicity, functionality, and productivity. This is one of the most functional and user-friendly office platforms available on the market. You’d also find it to be affordable and just the right fit for small, medium and large scale enterprises or multinational corporations.

Office 365, on the other hand, features a very advanced and sophisticated platform. Which is also user-friendly, has dedicated desktop versions and ideal for users who are accustomed to both the traditional method of handling business related information but might also want to take advantage of the flexibility that comes with cloud computing.

Here you’ll find a detailed description of both of these amazing office tools, their similarities, differences and why it would be a great decision to use them in improving your business processes and other activities.


  • Google G Suite in Detail

  • Microsoft Office 360 in Detail

  • G Suite vs Office 365: Similarities and Differences

Google G Suite in Detail

Work has never been better with this easy to use and manage office tool, you can work as a team on various projects and documents in real time even if your thousands of miles away from each other.

With the calendar, you can easily determine when all team members would be available and easily schedule the next meeting with the option of sending an automated email reminder for the meeting.

Transform these meetings into a video conference in seconds, share thoughts ideas, and even your device screen in real time, easily collaborate for better results, efficiency, and boost productivity.

Easily store and view stored files from any teammate anywhere in the world, with very high-level security and antivirus capabilities, your documents, and other files are kept safe and backed up across several locations

Let's take a closer look at the packages that comes with the G Suite:


Get a custom email connected to your domain name for your business and manage all your emails through a secure, private and reliable ad-free email service provider for your business.

With this platform you can receive notifications in real-time, your IT personnel can see and manage all the emails in one single place, this would help you keep an eye on all correspondence between staff and customers on the company’s behalf.

Highly compatible with most of the existing desktop clients like Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Microsoft Outlook, etc..In Gmail, you’ll find tools that make it easy for you to migrate from any of these desktop clients.

You have at your disposal very reliable servers, spam protection features, more storage space, auto-backup, security, etc.


G Suite calendar helps you easily set up meetings for team members and other concerned personnel. It creates the room to view the calendars of your team members to find out when they would be available for the next meeting. This would help ensure you only schedule meetings at the right time.

Easily make reservations and book relevant resource needed ahead of time for the meeting. Access, edit, update and delete the events on your calendar from any location using your laptop or mobile device. Manage all your events from one single app by migrating from other calendars like Exchange, Outlook, etc.


This feature helps you to build a community of like-minded people, boost interaction and improve the existing relationship with team members and other community members.

Stay updated with the latest trends and be conversant with the latest news or work-related information update. Organize discussions and allow contributions from various employees. Get work-related advice on either already discussed issues or start a whole new thread based on a specific challenge.

Currents can be a great source of relevant information that one can always make a reference to at any given time to help work more efficiently. Easily moderate discussions and help in making sure the discussion stays relevant.

Hangouts Chat

Chat has made it possible for teams to be more efficient in handling projects and completing various tasks. Teams can now enjoy direct messaging and hold group discussions while taking advantage of the virtual rooms that could be used to store projects, keep track of the progress and ensure that the tasks are delivered on schedule.

It doesn’t just allow interaction with up to 8000 group members but currently supports about 28 languages, helping bridge the language barrier that might exist between team members from different supported countries.

Collaborate on various projects using doc, presentation slides or spreadsheets. Search for group members, view threaded conversations, upload to drive, join meetings online, etc. Very secure conversations made possible with Google’s embedded security features and two-factor authentication. Enjoy more productive chats with the help of Google’s bots and other relevant apps.

Hangouts Meet

Seamlessly connect with all your team members from around the world via video conferencing with just a single click. Whether you are using your laptop, tablet or mobile device, you can easily make or receive a video call with just a single click.

Using meet makes it possible to easily set up a video conference and get people to connect simply by sharing the link, it’s that simple. It’s a lightweight interface that was built to easily work with any laptop, Smartphone, or tablet.

Integrating meet with your calendar, email invitation, events, and meetings make it easy for participants to easily join the video conference with a simple click.

Compatible with other video conferencing platforms like Skype, Pexip, etc. simply join meet hangouts from any of these platforms with no hassle. With Meet you can still join the meeting even without an internet connection through a dial-in line for that meeting.


Create, edit, delete and update documents right within your browser. It allows for multiple inputs on the same document. View changes as it’s being made to any document in real time, you have the option of interacting with other teammates during this process, get clarification, chat, make contributions, etc all in realtime while working on the document. You can import and export documents in several formats like doc, pdf, text, HTML, RTF, etc.

You can always revert to an older version of the saved document in case you don’t like some of the changes made ideal. You can work both online and offline using your chrome browser and easily share your finished document with any other laptop, mobile device or tablet. Simply improve the functionality with a wide range of add-ons at your disposal.


Sheets gives you access to intuitive and secure spreadsheets that help with data collation and analysis. It allows for easy collaboration on the same spreadsheet with contributors from anywhere in the world in real-time.

Google Sheets is compatible with other external systems, including Microsoft files, you can simply do some work without bothering about the security of your data, due to Google’s advanced security features.

The changes are saved as they’re being made, you also have the option of accessing the spreadsheet and making changes while offline. Sheets notify you of all the changes made on a particular document while you were away.

Take advantage of Sheets advanced formula acceleration which is an AI integration that helps determine the best formula for what you’re working on.

Access data from multiple sources and real-world data sets, view, analyze or modify the data with available tools to make out the most from your data.


Create surveys, forms, questionnaires, simply design the layout of the forms by drag and drop, send these forms to your clients to help in gathering the required data for decision making, and improve service delivery

Smart forms are important to ensure that clients only get to fill in relevant information based on preferences and previously filled details.


It’s an interesting way of creating and editing eye-catching presentations with several members of the team working on different aspects of the slide at the same time.

You can assign responsibilities or privileges to all or different parts of the slides to other team members to encourage efficiency and a higher level of accuracy. Slides also come with a variety of beautiful templates that help make the entire design process less time consuming and easy, you can include media files like pictures, videos, paintings, cartoons, etc to add some color and life to the presentation.


Easily create high quality and responsive web pages without any prior design or coding experience. The sites look great on different screens, whether you are using a laptop, Smartphone or tablet, the quality and feel stay the same.

Sites make room for integration with other G suite packages, you could easily display your work and other related content from Drive, Docs, Sheets, Calendar, etc. it has a co-editing feature that allows several contributors to make relevant changes to the pages at the same time.

Making designs with Sites is straightforward, just by using the drag and drop feature, you can create a fully functional website with all the necessary controls and restrictions.


Build comprehensive apps that uniquely meet your business needs with a simple and low code required app builder. Make use of a declarative data modeling enabled interface, customizable templates, drag and drop user interface and tools to help you easily integrate with other G suite packages like calendars, Sheets, Gmail, etc

Maintain complete control and manage all apps that are allowed access to your organization’s G suite.

App-Maker supports cloud SQL, creating room for scalability, convenience, and with the option of linking your own database with the app as well. You can easily customize the look and feel of the app with HTML or CSS to meet up with the organization’s design requirement.


Stay tuned with relevant information, notes, reminders, to-dos, etc. all in one place. Collaborate with team members on important notes, lists, drawings, etc. and set reminders to keep track on the progress. Access and edit your notes from anywhere in the world and view any changes being made on it in real-time.

Arrange and organize your notes based on relevance, you could set time-based reminders, location-based reminders, etc. This would make it possible to always be on schedule and avoid leaving anything behind.


Store all your files in a safe and secure location that allows for easy access from anywhere in the world. Enjoy flexible and highly secure storage options which allow you to manage all the files from one device, data loss prevention and adherence to data compliance standards.

Drive uses one of the most advanced AI tools to carefully predict the files most relevant to your current project, saving time and helping you focus on only related materials.

Team Drives can be enabled in order to preserve team specific files that only team members are allowed to access. This would come in handy especially when you don’t need unauthorized access to specific files.

Cloud Search

Make the most of the power of Google’s search capabilities to find what you need when you need it. Get relevant answers to queries across all G suite packages. It makes use of machine learning, natural language predictions at the shortest time possible.

Cloud search allows users to only view information that they have permission to access within the organization. Get relevant contact details of team members and other colleagues within the organization quickly.


Recover and export valuable or relevant information from your G suite with simple and easy to use Vault. It helps prevent data loss and is a smart way of ensuring you have important information that could potentially be of use in a secure location.

With Vault, you can properly preserve user data and other relevant information that could be useful in the future. It also allows you to track user activities within the platform, stay updated with what your team members have been working on, view other search-related data, exports, etc.

Also, easily search and export contents using the most convenient standard formats available. Retrieve useful information from suspended user accounts when needed.

Microsoft Office 365 in Detail

Office 365 on the other hand also has a wide range of useful and interesting product line, let’s take a look at some of these.


Word makes it easy to create standard documents for practically any purpose. it comes with special features that help make the workflow smoother and more efficient. Enjoy spelling and grammar corrections with a wide variety of features to choose from in creating your desired document.

Whether you’re preparing a resume, ebook, a report at work, word has all you need to produce the desired document. Easily collaborate with teams across several locations and work on the same document in real-time.


With Excel, you can easily create spreadsheets from scratch or by using already made templates to save some time. It can understand patterns in your spreadsheet and helps to organize your data. Data analysis has never been easier with a wide range of tools and formulas to help you do this, and various charts and diagrams to display your data and make it easier to read. You can easily log in with your mobile device, laptop and tablet, any change made is updated on all devices automatically. Team members can work on several parts of a given document from anywhere in the world.


This is a feature-rich presentation package that comes with a lot of already made designs, templates, animation, 3Dmodels, etc. You can easily get your presentations translated to several languages and easily make presentations with slide notes.

Take advantage of the co-authoring feature and get comments and inputs from your teammates to help you do more work in less time.


Make relevant notes on the go from anywhere and at anytime easily and efficiently with OneNote. Easily highlight important points on your notes and arrange them in the order of importance.

Sort your contents and share your notes with your team members from several miles away. You also have the option of Including audio files, videos, documents, etc to your notes.


Share anything from simple documents, audio recordings, HD videos to an entire database file across your organization to any concerned teammate, department, etc.

SharePoint uses a strong, reliable and secure intranet connection to send and receive files within the organization.

It comes with very dynamic teams sites that encourage productivity and collaboration. The sites are customizable and can be fine-tuned to simply focus on information relevant to a specific team.

Microsoft Teams

Teams create that needed platform where colleagues can easily interact, learn, develop and grow through association. Using Teams, you can easily do work together, work on different projects together, improve service delivery and make the entire experience an interesting one. Getting your team members to be on the same page has never been easier, organize video conference calls, group chats, work on files, share your thoughts on an issue, get contributions from teammates even when you’re all miles away from each other.


It helps you create an intriguing social platform for your organization useful in helping everyone stay updated with the latest news, trend, and any information relevant to the organization. With Yammer, communication across all levels has never been easier, reach out to members of your organization personally and collectively.

Yammers integrates with other Office 365 tools to ensure you can easily share files, projects, work together to achieve a given goal or objective.

Microsoft Outlook

Outlook brings to your fingertips a combination of powerful email service with calendars, contacts, tasks, etc. You can easily access other Office 365 packages to enable you to add attachments or upload relevant data to it. With Outlook you can easily plan your meetings, share calendars to ensure every teammate would be available for the next meeting.

it helps you stay updated, with your calendar it sets a reminder for your events and tasks, making sure you don’t miss out on any detail. Has a search pane that helps you find all you need with the speed of a simple click.


OneDrive is cloud storage that allows you to keep all your documents, projects, media files, etc in a safe and secure server with backup across several locations to prevent data loss and other possible attacks. The advantage is that you can access your files from anywhere in the world and you’re at rest knowing whatever you’ve uploaded stays safe.

Microsoft Whiteboard

Easily transform and present your research and data into nice and easy to read charts, diagrams, etc. Get your team members from anywhere in the world to view your presentation in real time, easily save your presentation and resume from where you stopped with just one click.

G Suite vs Office 365: Similarities and Differences

From the breakdown above you can see that both of these great office tools offer similar services, so let’s take a look at both the differences and similarities.


G suite vs office 365 both laid a lot of emphases on collaboration, with either of them you can carry out various projects together in real-time even if you’re miles away from each other. Whether you’re working on word documents, spreadsheets, or working on a presentation, different team member has the option of contributing to various parts of the projects at the same time and you can view changes being updated automatically.

Cloud-Based Storage

They both allow you to store your important data and other relevant information in the cloud, making it a lot easier to access your files and other media from anywhere in the world. The security is top notch and the service is reliable, both have a data loss prevention mechanism, by backing up your data across several locations, you don’t get to lose any sensitive information if one location is shut down or hijacked.

File Sharing

Seamless file sharing options are available when you make use of any of these office tools, easily share any document, video, photo, etc with teammates and other colleagues within the organization.

Community & Networking

These office tools allow you to Interact with Colleagues, make new friends, learn, grow, and work on several projects together within the organization. They’ve both successfully bridged the gap created by distance and made work even more interesting and more efficient than using the traditional office tools.


One major difference is the fact that G suite is completely web-based and Office 365 has a standalone version. that seamlessly integrates with the cloud platform almost automatically.

This, however, may not be an issue because using G suite in Chrome allows you to work as long as you need to offline, when you go online it automatically updates your changes across all your devices.

Benefits of Using G suite

G suite makes use of the power of Google to provide you with relevant information when you need it. With just a single query you can access information across all G suite packages, whether you’re interested in getting information from just Gmail, or other packages like Docs, Sheets, etc. All relevant information comes up immediately.

It has very flexible and cheap payment plans, monthly, yearly, etc. with G suite you have more than what you need to enjoy a fully functional cloud-based service at the cheapest rate available.

Google’s advanced security features help keep your data and other relevant information safe and free from viruses and hackers.

Take advantage of one of the most robust but simple to use platform that promises endless opportunities and lots more.

Hope you found these helpful, thanks for reading!

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