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The Benefits of G Suite for Small Business

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

In today’s fast-paced business environment, every business needs mission-critical assets to stay competitive. Businesses that invest in modernizing their productivity software are finding better team efficiencies.

What is G Suite?

Formerly known as Google Apps, G Suite is Google’s cloud productivity and collaboration tools for business.

With G Suite, businesses can run their office suite (word processing, spreadsheets, etc) and email, and chat in an integrated environment.

G Suite has a number of communication components such as Gmail, Google+, Hangouts, and Calendar. The core components for executing tasks and boosting productivity include Forms, Docs, Sites, Slides, and Sheets and the highly versatile Google Drive that provides an online cloud storage solution.

Benefits of G Suite

Efficient Team Collaboration

The set of smart apps on Google’s G Suite allows you and your team members to work together seamlessly. You can see the edits other team members are making on the document that you’re working on in real-time, with everything is saved automatically in the cloud. G Suite allows you to give editing capabilities to all team members or a selected few.

Additionally, team members can use the built-in chat feature to consult with each other and brainstorm ideas as they work on the same document. The collaboration capability reduces the number of emails between team members.

Data Security

You and your team members can remotely access the data stored in Google Drive securely from any device. Google Drive is a cloud storage platform that stores data in Google’s data centers across the globe. Unlike a typical server in an office, you can easily access your information regardless of your location.

Moreover, G Suite eliminates the need to download and store sensitive data in-home devices and computers that can be easily damaged or tampered with. G Suite allows you to control specific team member access. This feature enables you to control what your team members can access from G Suite on their personal devices.

G Suite allows your employees to access documents when working remotely or while on the go. However, if you allow your team members to enjoy remote access, they should be educated on cybersecurity precautions. For example, it’s not advisable to access sensitive data via Public Wi-Fi as hackers can easily intercept information transferred through these unsecured wireless networks.

Video Conferencing

Multinational corporations and online-based business know the value of video conferencing. With G Suite’s Hangouts, you can practically host video chats with up to 25 participants.

Your teams can work together on certain documents as they share screens through a seamless integration of video or audio feed. You can also create a stream of video content from your video conferences and host your Hangouts on Air through a service that live streams a Hangout automatically and archives it to the assigned YouTube account.

Easier Organization

It is easier to organize yourself with the help of Google Calendar. The feature helps business owners plan projects, schedule appointments, arrange meetings and track all deadlines accurately. Your team members can view, update and post to mark deadlines and meeting times by using the Google Calendar Planner. With features such as event reminders and color-coding for signaling changes being sent directly to email, each team member can easily stay on track.

The integration of Calendar with Gmail allows users to schedule their events right in their inboxes. You can use the Admin Console to manage the devices and users that connect to your G Suite set of apps. This means you can integrate other business applications, manage mobile devices, security settings, contacts, and create accessibility settings for your team members.

The Mobile Device Management G Suite feature is available at no extra cost. Note: G Suite is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows. Therefore, you only need to locate the work apps you intend to use and help your team members get on board by distributing the apps from the Admin Console through Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

The Bottom Line

With G Suite, your business has the potential of moving operations anywhere while keeping your data safe and secure.

Many businesses are using Google G Suite’s features to stay ahead of the competition. At an affordable price, you can also sign up today and make your business more efficient and productive.

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