• Matt Webster

Why 2FA?

With most things cyber, we work on the spectrum of security vs convenience. Generally if something is more secure (computers accessible only within a SCIF protected behind layers of physical security) it tends to be less convenient. Likewise, if something is wildly convenient (logging in without a password) you can bet it's usually not secure. Two Factor Authentication (2FA for short) finds a good middle ground between security and convenience.

Why 2FA?

- When your password gets compromised, your account won't be

- This security comes with the convenience of a text message or GAuth app

How do I sign up?

- If you're using GSuite (and if you're not, you should be), go through 2FA enrollment

- Pick "Voice or text message" (simpler) or "Authenticator app" (more secure but more complicated)

- Welcome to being secure!

Once you have 2FA enabled on your account, not only will your Gmail be more secure but so will your GDrive, Hangouts, and any other accounts where you use the Google login.

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